In one of our previous posts, we have introduced to you the first members of the Program Committee of JS Kongress 2019 — now they are joined by more members, that will review all your papers submitted in the CfP and create a selection for the program: Let’s give a big round of applause for these amazing community people! 👏👏🏾👏🏻

The Program Committee: Anna, Stefan, Madeleine, Martin, Marco, Sebastian, Elisabeth, Pierre, Julia, and Robin

The Anonymous Selection for the Program

We have already received a number of proposals through our Call for Papers form, but we are still looking forward to having yours! The CfP is open until November 15 — submit your paper here.

For first-time speakers, we offer individual support—please enter the 1st time CfP here.

This is how talks get selected for the JS Kongress 2019 program:
The core of the whole process is an anonymous selection. After the Call for Papers has been completed, all contributions are anonymized. Only the session title, content and the integration in the “(r)evolution of Architectures” are relevant for the evaluation of the proposals. The Program Committee receives this in the form of an evaluation sheet that does not contain any personal data of the author (future speaker).

This means, the committee blindly assesses on a scale from 0 (inappropriate) to 5 (fits like a glove) whether the proposed contribution is suitable for the program focus. In addition, we ask for feedback as to why the submission was evaluated in this way and suggestions for the presenter. This does not only makes it easier to decide which presentation will be included in the program in the case of a neck-to-neck race but should also help the submitters. Because rating by numbers does not always say everything, there can be many reasons for “good” or “does rather not fit the program”.

As soon as all reviews are done, the unique IDs (which previously replaced author details) will be enriched by the names and the papers will be sorted to their authors. The JS Kongress team will discuss all available information (if the talk has already been presented before, submitter belongs to a group that is regularly underrepresented at tech conferences, etc.) in combination with the evaluations and comments of the Committee. According to two criteria, we assemble the program from the pieces of the puzzle: The JS Kongress 2019 will be a diverse, cosmopolitan and welcoming community that discusses the “(r)evolution of Architectures”, listens to each other, exchanges new ideas and looks beyond its own nose. This is the maxim behind our program, which is made possible by passionate work and great motivation by the Program Committee. Many thanks for that!

Members of the Program Committee

Elisabeth Engel | @_lizzelo_

Elisabeth is a UX & tech innovator @interfacewerk and a passionate conference speaker. In her free time, she loves to explore new places all around the world. Nevertheless, she cannot resist being part of every JS Kongress home game.

So many talks about new frameworks… click for Elisabeth’s thoughts on the program

Robin Mehner | @rmehner

Robin is a Berlin-based freelance dev doing all things web and beyond. He survived the great browser wars and has been doing JavaScript ever since. When he’s not busy herding cats he is busy herding nerds at community events like BerlinJS.

Anna Gruber | @futuranna

Anna: “I am an opinionated software engineering. I emphasize on projects which can be easily maintained & (automatically) shipped super fast.
For the last couple of years, I have been a happy follower of the react universe. I trust in composition over inheritance, unidirectional data flow, graphql…
In my spare time, I love mountains, climbing & yoga.

I was once told that a good MVC implementation… read Anna’s message

Stefan Baumgartner | @ddprrt

Stefan works for Dynatrace and made the Kessel run in less than 12 parsecs. In his spare time, he organizes ScriptConf and DevOne in Linz, and co-hosts the German language Working Draft podcast. Stefan enjoys Italian food, Belgian beer, and British vinyl records.

“Move fast and fix things! — Stefan

Julia Kurt | @juliakurt

Julia is a full-stack developer with a focus on Java-based applications. She has 10 years in software development and works for msg life central europe GmbH, a software company for standard insurance solutions. She is also a member of Junior Chamber International (JCI) and likes to spend time in northern Germany.

The art of software developing today … that are Julia’s thoughts

Pierre Joye | @PierreJoye

Pierre is a PHP Core Developer and OSS contributor. He leads the PHP Windows support, main developer from LibGD and works on many OSS projects like curl and numerous other libraries used in web development. After many years as Freelancer, Pierre worked now with the Microsoft OpenSource technology Center in Redmond and Germany. Now based in Bangkok. CTO and founder.

“Focus on business. Delivery vs trends. Reliability and maintainability vs hypes and popularity. — Pierre

This way to the CFP form please 👉

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