#JSKongress is the JavaScript event handcrafted with 💙 for the community — from the community. JS Kongress Munich is organized by a team that is deeply rooted in the JavaScript community. We got this feedback from some awesome community people:

Benedikt Meurer

This was probably the best JS conference I attended this year, the in-deep track and the community focus was excellent! Just two action items for next year: WiFi and food — Benedikt Meurer

Sonja Krause-Harder

18 years in the industry and the first tech conf where I don‘t feel like an alien happens to be @JSKongress #JSKongress. — Sonja Krause-Harder

Oskar van Velden

My first time @JSKongress and having a blast. Best conference I‘ve ever attended. Has a great audience, great speakers, everything is so well organised, lovely lunch.

And we‘re just in day 1. One more day left. #JSKongress — Oskar van Velden


Respect to @JSKongress is getting increased day by day. all the talks available as videos. this is truly a great community. — VISWAPRASATH

holger blank

Daniyar Jakupov

One of only a few conferences we really love to sponsor @SinnerSchrader 🙌 — Holger Blank

Definitely one of the best js conferences out there. Top-notch speakers, great atmosphere and In-Deep Track sessions were absolutely awesome (personally I hope it‘ll become a more common thing among tech confs). Huge kudos to @JSKongress team! #jskongress — Daniyar Jukupov

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