Proudly presenting you the keynote-speaker of day 2: Maria Shoaib

JavaScript is the biggest piece of the new, post-LAMP pie. It’s not only a front-end scripting language but a software stack game changer.

The aim of the Opening Keynote on day 2 of #jskongress 2019 is to make people realize the (r)evolution in the software stack. Secondly, making them understand the key drivers and the significance of JavaScript as a platform in this (r)evolution.

Above all, empowering them to incorporate the change in their work/personal projects using the material shared in the talk.

Today we have the pleasure to introduce your Keynote Speaker Maria Shoaib as the latest addition to the line-up for the two-day #jskongress to be held in Munich on March 11–12, 2019:

Maria is a Pakistani woman in technology, currently working as a Software Engineer at Ericsson, Sweden, who earned a Masters in Computer Science on a Fulbright scholarship from RIT, USA. She also leads the initiative Stemming From Her to empower women and bridge the gender gap in STEM fields.

Opening Keynote on Day 2:

“The big piece of the post-LAMP pie” by Maria Shoaib

2019, March 12, 10:00–10:30

Find the full session description and key-takeaways on our website