Thanks to the community, there is a visual schedule for the 2019 edition. Please find here a link to the slide collection, and sketches explaining the content of the talks.

Sketch notes by Nabeelah Ali on Mariko Kosaka’s talk “Developing web platform features”

Slides from #jskongress 2019

Sebastian Eck (@codeshambles on twitter) started a slide collection. Mille Grazie, @ Sebastian! 🙏 Please add yours or if you find additional ones to the GitHub repo

Talks, visualized in sketch notes

We were so excited to discover that two artists are in the audience of the Kongress: André Kovac and Nabeelah Ali are providing an easier understanding of the talks’ contents with their sketch notes. 📝👩‍🎨👨‍🎨 Thank you both so much! 🙏

March 11, 2019

10:30–11:00 Opening Keynote | Everything’s a plugin: Understanding webpack from the inside out by Sean Larkin

12:00–12:30 How To Combine Event Sourcing Architecture In Your Node.js Server by Tamar Twena-Stern

12:30–13:00 A web platform feature is born! — massively distributed multiplayer engineering by Mariko Kosaka

14:00–14:30 Taming reactive node.js: Stream-oriented architecture with Nest by Kamil Myśliwiec

15:00–15:30 Knock knock, who’s there? Authenticating your single page apps using JSON Web Tokens. by Sam Bellen

16:00–16:30 Like A Surgeon — Dissecting a completely Functional-Reactive JavaScript app for the very first time by Netta Bondy

17:00–17:30 Crafting state management — A principle based architecture by Michael Hladky

March 12, 2019

10:30–11:00 Decomposition and beyond: frontend engineering at scale by Nadia Makarevich

11:30–12:00 Angular, React, Vue and Co. — peacefully united thanks to Web Components and Micro Apps by Manfred Steyer

12:00–12:30 Scaling Node.js applications with Kubernetes and Docker by Erick Wendel

12:30–13:00 Beyond JavaScript: The languages for the modern Web by Julian Antonielli

14:00–14:30 Weaving Webs of Workers by Trent Willis

14:30–15:00 Let your users decide what they want by Narendra Shetty

16:30–17:00 Streaming HTTP and GraphQL by Rob Richard

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