#JSKongress is the JavaScript event handcrafted with 💙 for the community — from the community. JS Kongress Munich is organized by a team that is deeply rooted in the JavaScript community. We got this feedback from these awesome community people:

Vannsl @vannsl

Frontend Developer & HCI / Product Engineer at SinnerSchrader / Vue Vixens
Munich City Coordinator

The first FIRST BIRD TICKET for #jskongress 2020 is bought 🙂 (2019, March 12; day 2 of JSK19)

Andreas Sahle

Lead frontend engineer. Co-founder of Wunderkraut. Freedom, open source, usability, user experience, photography, rock, mtb, fun, cooking.

I am soo happy that we have such a good frontend and JS community here in #Munich and that we get more and more well organised conferences!! I had a really great time on #jskongress

Rubén Sospedra

Javascript hacker. I play the ukelele and read about political science. Gamer and movie producer. I like coffee and astronomy

Good bye @JSKongress 👋❤️
I‘m deeply impressed by the quality of the conference. Definitely one of the bests in the world 🌍 Thank you so much for the patience, effort, consideration with each other and kindness to everyone.
See you next year #JSKongress 🚀

↪️ reply:

Tamar Twena Stern @SternTwena

Software developer and architect . Really into cool technical stuff . Huge fan
of JavaScript

#JSKongress Agree with every word here. Amazing conference . Top notch, high quality. Definitely one of the bests. Met amazing people. Speakers were excellent and the organization team did an amazing job!

Vitalii Petrychuk

Front-End Developer from Gdansk, Poland, petrychuk.com

Thank you #jskongress, it was awesome! Both talks and organization.

Sean T. Larkin

Speaker, engineer, @webpack Lerna Core Team, Dev Rel. TPM @Microsoft @EdgeDevTools.

This was one of my favorite conferences I‘ve attended. Seeing tools and representatives of browsers, standards, come together and create a real opportunity for the future. #JSKONGRESS

holger blank

Curator of jsconf.eu · Managing Director @sinnerschrader / accenture
interactive, coffee lover, traveler

One of only a few conferences we really love to sponsor @sinnerschrader 🙌

Sonja Krause-Harder

18 years in the industry and the first tech conf where I don‘t feel like an alien happens to be @JSKongress #JSKongress.

Benedikt Meurer

@v8js compiler compiler • @NodeJScollaborator@WorkerConf organizer

This was probably the best JS conference I attended this year, the in-deep track and the community focus was excellent!

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