JS Kongress work hard, play hard

Why you should clearly answer this question with “Yes”:

  • avoid hours of debugging
  • increase your value as a Developer
  • ask individual questions that are hard to google
  • solve challenges, that are hard to explain on StackOverflow

Some of the topics, that we are able to offer in collaboration with experienced trainers are Angular, Docker, Kubernetes, RxJS and there are more to be announced soon. Get more information on JS Kongress work hard, play hard

As well: If you have a topic, that you need to intensify (we offer all levels from getting started in new technologies, strengthen your knowledge, and leveling up with advanced skills), please let us know — we prepared a form for submitting your ideas and wishes: https://forms.gle/WsEwhi5Z6wGpfnHi6

What is the workshop series “JS Kongress work hard, play hard”?

  • 1 Ticket = 💻 intensive Workshop + Get-Together with the community 🍻
  • Learning by doing with experienced trainers, exchange with other developers, one-to-one questions.
  • 👭 party on the evening before the 1-day-course or the evening in between for 2-day-courses 👫 👬
  • 🍴 food and drinks ☕ for both included

Our workshop series “JS Kongress work hard, play hard” grants an ideal time and space for learning by doing in a welcoming atmosphere for everyone. Please note, that our Code of Conduct applies.

The courses offer a unique opportunity to ask individual questions one-to-one, to exchange with other developers and like-minded people, and last but not least to deep-dive into selected technologies under the guidance of experienced trainers, some of the most outstanding minds in our industry. And this is not limited to the training room: In the relaxed atmosphere of the get-together, you can share ideas and meet old and new friends.

Stay tuned! If you want to get notified on new courses and dates, please sign-up for our workshop mailing list 📬