#JSKongressGoesGhana: JS Kongress Munich X Facebook Developer Circle: Accra joint meetup with a lot of great community people

For JS Kongress in March 2019, Oliver (picture above: first row middle, white shirt) couldn’t join us due to visa issues. The thought originated and the idea grew: “If you cannot join us, then we’ll come to you”. #JSKongressGoesGhana has been born.

Half a year later, Jowe and Marco S from the JS Kongress Orga-Team set off from Munich, Germany to Accra, Ghana 7233 km away to meet Oliver and the local community.

Their time in Ghana started with a cozy community dinner, where they met some community leaders.

Then, the big day came, on Saturday, October 26 the joint meetup JS Kongress Munich X Facebook Developer Circle: Accra took place.

In the afternoon, there has been a room full of passion 💗 and interest 💡, a welcoming and vibrant community. 🌈 Thank you all for joining and participating!

Thanks 🙏 to all speakers and panelists: @KiddBubu, @silentworks, @gideonaduku, @codeprophet, @yamoateng, @jowe, @Schnapumpel13

A gift from our MunichJS community member and JS Kongress speaker Axel Rauschmayer: 📖 JavaScript for impatient programmers — you can find the digital and printed version of his book on https://exploringjs.com/impatient-js/

📸 More photo highlights by @KhoPhiPhotog are available online.
Find his channel “KhoPhi — Tech. Every Week” on YouTube and the great series “23.3 Questions” interviewing social entrepreneurs, community leaders, creatives and other inspiring people from Ghana. 🎥

@nkansahrexford (KhoPhiPhotography) caught working

Thanks for the other photos to @nkansahrexford, @nedu63, @OliverMensahDev, @Schnapumpel13, @Dext_OUATTARA, @codeprophet, and @jowe.

Update: On 2019–10–29 we had an appointment at the German embassy, and the great opportunity to discuss the collaboration of Ghana and Germany (especially in the IT sector). Read more in this Tweet

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