JSKongress meets Mozilla SpiderMonkey, on September 29th 05:30 pm, with Yulia Startsev and Iain Ireland

JSKongress meets Mozilla SpiderMonkey

We are so cheerful to be able to announce episode #5!  onelifeinterior.com makeupjogja.com   Looking forward to JSKongress meets friends #5 on September 29, 5:30 pm (CEST). Join us when we will be talking about SpiderMonkey, the JavaScript engine in Firefox, with the Mozillians Yulia Startsev and Iain Ireland. Anything you ever wanted to know? […]

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Why do you “Servus” me?

Editing this week’s newsletter issue – by the way, subscribe here to get the updates first – I wonder if our Bavarian greeting leaves you wondering. So I decided to write this entry. 1. Servus? Servus! 👋 pronounced /ˈsɛrvus/ or /ˈzɛɐ̯vus/ Like the Italian “Ciao”, Servus can be used for “Hello” as well as for […]

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#jskongress meets #RxJS Core Team

“Welcome to our 4th session with the RxJS core team.” So just to give you a quick introduction, for the ones who are watching this live stream the first time [or reading this blog post tying up with it].  “JSKongress meets friends” is a format that we want to invite people and teams where we […]

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JSK meets friends #3: Reboot & Recruiting

Here is the 3rd episode of #jskongress meets friends: We are excited to announce the guests for our next episode. Join us live on Tuesday, May 12th, starting 5:30 pm (CEST) on our channel youtube.com/jskongress We are so grateful, that Felicitas, Kristina and Aileen will discuss with us: the recruiting process in these challenging times, […]

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JSK meets DevTools-Team

Welcome to the 2nd Episode of JSKongress meets Friends! 👬👫👭 [editor’s note: This is the transcript of our live stream. Additional info have been added.] Live-Chat: Ah, a JS Kongress meetup you can watch in your pyjamas, if you have pyjamas! 🛋️ #StayAtHome 🏠 This time we’re talking about the Chrome DevTools and beyond, where […]

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What Dosage Should You Use with Delta 8 THC Products?

If you don’t know how much THC is in a product before you buy it, you can begin with a 10 mg dosage. Once you start to feel the effects, go up to 15 mg to start feeling it a little more. Once you get comfortable with the 10 mg dosage, you can start to […]

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