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  • JSKongress meets Mozilla SpiderMonkey, on September 29th 05:30 pm, with Yulia Startsev and Iain Ireland

    JSKongress meets Mozilla SpiderMonkey

    We are so cheerful to be able to announce episode #5!  onelifeinterior.com makeupjogja.com   Looking forward to JSKongress meets friends #5 on September 29, 5:30 pm (CEST). Join us when we will be talking about SpiderMonkey, the JavaScript engine in Firefox, with the Mozillians Yulia Startsev and Iain Ireland. Anything you ever wanted to know? […]

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    Why do you “Servus” me?

    Editing this week’s newsletter issue – by the way, subscribe here to get the updates first – I wonder if our Bavarian greeting leaves you wondering. So I decided to write this entry. 1. Servus? Servus! 👋 pronounced /ˈsɛrvus/ or /ˈzɛɐ̯vus/ Like the Italian “Ciao”, Servus can be used for “Hello” as well as for […]

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    #jskongress meets #RxJS Core Team

    “Welcome to our 4th session with the RxJS core team.” So just to give you a quick introduction, for the ones who are watching this live stream the first time [or reading this blog post tying up with it].  “JSKongress meets friends” is a format that we want to invite people and teams where we […]

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    JSK meets friends #3: Reboot & Recruiting

    Here is the 3rd episode of #jskongress meets friends: We are excited to announce the guests for our next episode. Join us live on Tuesday, May 12th, starting 5:30 pm (CEST) on our channel youtube.com/jskongress We are so grateful, that Felicitas, Kristina and Aileen will discuss with us: the recruiting process in these challenging times, […]

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    JSK meets DevTools-Team

    Welcome to the 2nd Episode of JSKongress meets Friends! 👬👫👭 [editor’s note: This is the transcript of our live stream. Additional info have been added.] Live-Chat: Ah, a JS Kongress meetup you can watch in your pyjamas, if you have pyjamas! 🛋️ #StayAtHome 🏠 This time we’re talking about the Chrome DevTools and beyond, where […]

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    JS Kongress meets Chrome DevTools and beyond

    DevTools and beyond — JSK meets friends #2

    JSKongress meets Paul Lewis, Kim Anh Tran, Mathias Bynens, Peter Müller on Tuesday, 28th April, 5:30 pm (CEST) Here is the second episode of #jskongress meets friends: We are excited to announce the guests for our next episode. Join us live on Tuesday, April 28th, starting 5:30 pm (CEST) on our channel youtube.com/jskongress We are so […]

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    Live: JS Kongress meets Keerthana Krishnan & Robin Böhm

    JSKongress meets Geeky Purple Unicorn and Robin Böhm live on Tuesday, April 14th, 5:30 pm All our lives are affected by #covid19 as #JSKongress is as well. We are separated physically by #StayAtHome 🏠, but socially we are united. 👬👫👭 JSKongress meets friends is a new online format with friends of JS Kongress! Everyone is welcome […]

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    9 Reasons that Convince Your Boss

    Want to attend JS Kongress 2020, but not sure how to bring it up with your boss? We’ve created this email to help you explain why it’s important to attend. Dear [Name of your Manager], I’d like to attend JS Kongress 2020 taking place on April 15–16 in Munich, Germany. I’ve researched many conferences, and this […]

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    A week full of JavaScript, IT and Community

    … taking place in April 2020 in Munich, Germany 📅 We and our events stand for Diversity — not just in Tech, A balance between professional work, fun, and community, Bias for Action, Thinking one step ahead, A connection to open source and community-driven projects, Party hard with the community We have been very inspired by the […]

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    #JSKongressGoesGhana — community all year long

    #JSKongressGoesGhana: JS Kongress Munich X Facebook Developer Circle: Accra joint meetup with a lot of great community people For JS Kongress in March 2019, Oliver (picture above: first row middle, white shirt) couldn’t join us due to visa issues. The thought originated and the idea grew: “If you cannot join us, then we’ll come to […]

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    What Dosage Should You Use with Delta 8 THC Products?

    If you don’t know how much THC is in a product before you buy it, you can begin with a 10 mg dosage. Once you start to feel the effects, go up to 15 mg to start feeling it a little more. Once you get comfortable with the 10 mg dosage, you can start to […]

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