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  • Software development is not about software …

    This is Marco’s message for presenters and thoughts on the 2019 motto “(r)evolution of Architectures”: We live in an ever faster evolving world of technology, yet the core principles of communication and systems design build the foundation every new method is based upon. Software development is not about software, it is about improving people’s lives, […]

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    The art of software developing today…

    Julia Kurt This is Julia’s message for presenters and thoughts on the 2019 motto “(r)evolution of Architectures”: The world of software developers changed a lot in the last ten years. In my opinion the art of software developing today is to create useful frameworks and bring them together for a sofisticated high level software architecture […]

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    So many talks about new frameworks…

    This is Elisabeth’s message for presenters and thoughts on the 2019 motto “(r)evolution of Architectures”: Elisabeth Engel Take a chance and discover amazing things can happen to you! Maybe it’s next year’s JS Kongress stage? So many talks about new frameworks and libraries, but what are your thoughts on architecture and the bigger picture? Let […]

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    First Time Speaker Support Team

    “Together we are strong!” JS Kongress introduces First Time Speaker Support Team For the first time, this year we offer individual support for first-time speakers: No one is a born master, but don’t worry. We are a welcoming community (see our Code of Conduct) and looking forward to having you on stage! Read on for the […]

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    The Program Committee of JS Kongress 19

    First members of the program committee: Sebastian, Madeleine, Marco and Martin Please meet the first members of the Program Committee, the people who will shape the contents of this year’s edition. Talks are underway with more experts from the industry. Thank you for your commitment, we really appreciate your hard work! Looking forward to meeting you […]

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    Why you should try public speaking

    JS Kongress — (r)evolution of JavaScript. March 11–12 2019 in Munich, Germany Presenting is a skill that is often required in one’s professional life, especially in the ICT (information and communications technology) sector. Every time you explain something to a group of people, you are, in fact, speaking publicly. It helps to increase your visibility. People come to […]

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    We want you for the (r)evolution of Architectures!

    We want you to be part of the (r)evolution of Architectures! Join us for two days, March 11–12, 2019 in Munich, as part of the program. Submit your ideas for a talk! (until November 14) Submit your ideas for JS Kongress 2019 until 2018–11–14. Microservices, Data Driven Architectures, Event Sourcing, Stream-oriented architectures, Cloud Native Computing and […]

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