Child Care

Professional childcare (offered by Proki Kinderevents) during the event “JS Kongress” on 2020, April 15-16 in Munich to enable all the dads and mums to participate in spite of the Easter Holidays or who have to search for a daycare either way. The offer is aimed at children from 3-10 years.

We charge a contribution towards expenses of 15 € per day and child, incl. food and drinks.

The realization depends on the number of registered children (confirmation by 16 January 2019). If there are too few registrations, we will refund the full price and inform you in advance.

The Child Care @ JS Kongress is not just fun – it is also:

  • The welfare and safety of the children come first: For optimal and professional care as well as the reliable assumption of the duty of supervision, the number of carers is adjusted to the number and age of registered children. Therefore, we need your registration beforehand (link and details below).
  • The carers are happy to be the reference persons for all children and parents during the entire care period and respond to the abilities and needs of all children.
  • Our caretakers are there for the children throughout the entire event, taking care of their needs and abilities (ensure that the children drink enough, accompany them to the toilet and respond individually to their wishes).
  • Our carers ensure the necessary safety and quality on-site: they make sure that sockets are secured, scissors, glue, and small parts must not be left unattended and the children must be supervised by us or their parents at all times.
  • We always adapt the material for our programs specifically to the abilities and needs of the age groups of the young children.
  • Of course, the children are insured against accidents for the entire duration of the event.

Registration for Child Care:

We charge a contribution towards expenses of 15 € per day (that includes as well food and drinks). Data, that we need is a contact option with you on-site, the name and age of your child, as well as special needs and food sensibilities. The realization depends on the number of registered children (confirmation from 16 January).

In addition to loving care by trained professionals, there will be a lot of entertainment and fun options. With these game offers, we can make sure that the children have a lot of fun and are cared for! Our offer is aimed at children from 3-10 years. We are looking into options for teens from 10+ as well, please come back or get in touch with us if you have an idea.

Toddler Lounge:

The youngest children will find everything they need to feel comfortable: Cuddly pillows / mattresses for resting, Bouncing horses, Bobby Cars, a slide, and a nappy-changing area with wet wipes and Diapers for a little emergency.


Colorful and creative:

Painting and crafting, create with your own hands. Handicrafts with Playmais are also a must! Playmais is a natural product with which children from the age of 3 can create great things.


Glitter Tattoos:

A great alternative to make-up for kids, with many motives to choose from. Stays on skin for up until a week.

Game Box:

“Mensch ärgere Dich nicht”, UNO, Halli Galli, Dobble and many more.

Building without limits:

With approx. 2000 wooden blocks, there is no limit for creativity.

Cool games for cool kids!

WeyKick, Powerball, Flipkick

The mission of Proki-Kinderevents:

“But it is not enough just to offer a good program – you also need excellent people to implement the program and fill it with life. Our children’s entertainers have a lot to offer.
Experience in dealing with children is rousing and full of ideas. All children’s animators are prepared for their work with children through targeted training. We know each caregiver personally and have an extended certificate of good conduct from each individual. Active” childcare is important to us, in which the child and his or her needs are the focus of attention. We don’t just want to look after children, we also want to convey fun, creativity and a cheerful atmosphere! Because only if the children are satisfied, the parents can take part in the event without any worries!”