Enter React incl. new developments: Hooks API and more

1 Ticket = intensive Workshop + Get-Together with the community
food and drinks for both included

Choose your date, we are able to offer the course “Enter React” on 3 dates:

Sebastian Springer

Have you ever wondered what the React hype is all about? In this workshop, you will build a small application using the various types of React components. You will see how to design a component hierarchy and model data flows within your application. This workshop focuses on the basics of the library and will give you an overview of the concepts introduced recently such as the new hooks API.

Our agenda:

  • Initialize your application
  • Main concepts
  • JSX
  • Component types
  • Class components
  • Function components
  • State and Props
  • Component lifecycle
  • Styling
  • Server communication
  • Hooks
  • React and TypeScript

You should have a solid understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Please be sure to have Node.js in version 10 or above installed on your system. To prepare for the workshop, please execute the following command on your system:npm create react-app my-app

Sebastian Springer

Sebastian is a JavaScript developer at MaibornWolff in Munich. He loves to build amazing stuff with JavaScript.

“Keep your mind open for all the amazing new stuff” — Sebastian Springer