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  • Before the Event: sponsoring, volunteering, convince your boss
  • During the Event: opening hours, entrance badge, activities, program, food, accessibility, quiet room, photos
  • After the Event: newsletter, videos,
  • Tickets: I can’t come, pay by invoice/wire transfer, VAT/taxes, discounts, what is included

The Conference – Basics

What is the conference about?

JS Kongress is the conference about all things JavaScript. Handcrafted with 💙 for the JS community! 2020, April 15-16 in Munich, Germany

Will the conference be in English or German?

The complete conference program, DeepTrack, and workshops will be in English. As well all talks on the main stage are available in German Sign Language (Deutsche Gebärdensprache).

When is the conference?

JS Kongress takes place on 2020, April 15-16

Where is the conference, how do I get there?

JS Kongress takes place in Munich, Germany (Alte Kongresshalle) – for more info and accommodation tips please go to https://js-kongress.com/venue-travel/

Code of Conduct

Everyone – attendee, speaker, sponsor, and volunteer, as well as the team members – at the JS Kongress, have to agree to the Code of Conduct. You agree to comply by purchasing a ticket as well as by attending. Quick version: Be nice to each other, smile. Long version: https://js-kongress.com/code-of-conduct/

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Before the Event

I want to sponsor: How can I become a partner?

Our amazing partners help us keep tickets affordable, organize a great community experience and actively do support diversity in tech. If you want to be one of them, contact us via partner@js-kongress.com

I want to become a volunteer: How can I support the team?

It would be so amazing if you support us at the event! We have a number of shifts for helpers in various areas. Please contact us via hello@js-kongress.com

I want to participate. How can I convince my boss?

In one of our blog posts, you can find 10 reasons for JS Kongress as well as a printable sheet to convince your boss [currently this is for the 2019 edition]. We will create a letter-template as well.

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During the Event

When does the venue open, the program start?

The venue opens at 9:00 am local time, breakfast will be waiting for you 🙂 The program on the main stage starts at 10:00 am. Activities in the DeepTrack starts around the first coffee break.

How do I get my badge to enter the conference?

When doors open at 9:00 am at the venue. Please bring your e-ticket on your mobile device (or printed if you need to).

Activities: conference, DeepTrack, workshops, party

Conference: On the main stage, our amazing speakers will share their knowledge and experience in 25-minute talks. Please find the program here.

In the #DeepTrack, you create the program: The DeepTrack is all about sharing knowledge, discussing and working on all kinds of topics around JavaScript. How to contribute, who has already confirmed, etc.? Find all the information on the DeepTrack

Workshops: The workshops take place on a separate day – please find all the information on the workshop-page. For these courses, you need an extra ticket or a combination ticket.

Party: At the end of day 1, let’s clink glasses and celebrate our great community. Drinks and snacks are included in your ticket as well. There will be some music and the opportunity to meet the crowd.

I am vegetarian/vegan/have a food allergy, where can I find the menu to check whether the offered food suits my needs?

Please select your food preferences connected to your ticket – you find a link to your ticket in the confirmation mail (Your JS Kongress Munich 2020 Ticket) you got from tito our ticketing platform.

We will prepare for you a vegetarian/vegan option and a meat option. If you have any particular allergies, please contact us and we will provide you detailed information about the menu.

Is the hall accessible to wheelchair users? (and other accessibility details)

The ‘Alte Kongresshalle’ is fully accessible to wheelchair users. If you have any requirements you think we should be aware of, please let us know at the point of registering so that we can ensure we meet your needs and have someone on hand to assist you if required. We aim to meet all access requirements but the more notice you give us, the better able we are to assist. Please find more info on js-kongress.com/accessibility

Is there a quiet room?

We will provide a chillout lounge on the first floor without any through traffic.

Will there be photos taken of me?

Before taking photos of small groups or single people, the photographer will ask you if this is alright – or immediately after doing so, if it’s not the photographer will delete the picture. If you recognize being part of a group photo (e.g. from the complete audience) and don’t want it to be published, please approach the photo-team.

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After the event

How can I make sure, that I’ll never miss an update?

Please sign-up to our JSK Newsletter (2 weekly on Thursdays), as well you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Are sessions being recorded?

If the speakers agree to do so (in previous years all of them agreed), we will record the talks on the main stage. Videos will be available for free on our YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/jskongress

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Can I transfer my ticket to another person?

Yes, you are free to give your ticket to another person. All you have to do is to change the name on the ticket.
You find the link to change that in your confirmation email after you’ve purchased your ticket.

Can I pay a ticket by wire transfer?

Yes, therefore please just order your ticket online and select “Invoice” as the payment type. We’ll get back to you with the invoice.

What is the deal with VAT?

We are obliged to charge VAT for every ticket we sell, for everybody and even every country. Please find more information on https://ti.to/docs/vat

I cannot come. Can I give back my ticket?

For financial and technical reasons, there is nothing we can do after a ticket has been bought. However, you can transfer the ticket to a different person: open the link to your personal ticket at ti.to (the service that handles ticketing for JS Kongress) and click the button “Re-Assign” at the top right. There you can enter a new ticket owner.

How does the company ticket work?

The company ticket is a one-person ticket. It’s for companies that want to support our effort to bring the global JS Community together in Munich.

Is there a group discount?

Absolutely! Groups of 3 or more colleagues and friends are eligible for the group discount of 10 %. You can book your group ticket in our ticket shop (link see top right “Get your Ticket”).

Are there Student Tickets?

Yes, Clever Student Tickets will be available for 89,-  € (instead of 299,- €) during the Clever Bird Sale, Regular Student Tickets will be available for 159,- € (instead of 429,- €) until the Late Bird Sale starts (ca. 4 weeks before the event starts).

I cannot afford a Student Ticket or are not enrolled at the University.

You can still apply for a Scholarship Ticket. We have been able to award at least 10 % of regular tickets as scholarship support – thanks to our great diversity sponsors. Read more on our Diversity Scholarship

What is included in my ticket?

There are tickets available for the conference days, combination tickets, or only for a workshop (the ticket name states, which you have). All tickets include (on valid days): breakfast, coffee, soft drinks, hot lunch and snacks on the afternoon, party on the first evening – as well the JS Kongress shirt and swag bag are included as well as WiFi and most important: a lot of awesome people offering a welcoming atmosphere.

Does registration include travel costs??

No. All travel costs – including airfare, transportation, and hotel accommodations – are the responsibility of the attendee.

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