Food + Drinks

Please find allergen information on-site. Allergens in breakfast below.

Please reserve no-meat, vegan and gluten-free options for people, that need it and indicated in their ticket-info.

Coffee ☕

  • foyer: coffee specialties (espresso, capuccino …)
  • 1st floor: tea + drip coffee

Soft Drinks + Mate

Soft Drinks and Mate are freely available the whole day from refrigerators. Please drop your bottles before leaving.

Fruits ? ?

Apples and Bananas available in baskets

Breakfast (09:00 – 09:55)

pastries from local bakery zöttl  (foyer + 1st floor)

  • pretzel (Barley, gluten, milk, rye, soy, wheat)
  • pretzel with butter (Barley, gluten, milk, rye, soya, wheat)
  • croissant (eggs, barley, gluten, milk, soy, wheat)
  • filled roll with cheese, ham or sausage (barley, gluten, may contain traces of celery, milk, rye, soy, mustard, wheat)

vegan and gluten-free breakfast options (1st floor)

  • gluten-free bread (sliced)
  • vegan bread (sliced)
  • various spreads, gluten-free and vegan (please find allergens on-site)

Lunch (13:00 – 14:00 ) ?

meat and vegan options available everywhere

In order to avoid long waiting times, we serve lunch for you on 3 different
spots: in the Kongressbar, the Bavariasaal, and the Foyer in the first floor.
If you discover a longer queue at one of those spots, please try another one.
We want to avoid hunger grumpiness 😉

Monday, day 1

  • Piccata of turkey with ratatouille vegetables and grenaille potatoes
  • Homemade tofu planters with coarse ratatouille and grenaille potatoes

Tuesday, day 2

  • Stuffed paprika “housewife style” with mixed minced meat (beef + pork), tomato sauce and homemade mashed potatoes
  • Yellow Thai vegetable curry (vegan) with jasmine rice

Afternoon Coffee Break (15:30 – 16:00) ?

sugar reduced and nut-free (foyer + 1st floor)

  • Monday, day 1: Cranberry puff pastry + Chocolate puff pastry
  • Tuesday, day 2: Cream Rolls + Cinnamon Bun

vegan and gluten-free (1st floor)

both days: Lemon Cookies, Chocolate Cookies, Vanilla Cookies

Monday evening ??


  • Soft Drinks
  • Augustiner Beer
  • White Wine Spritzer

pizza with meat, vegetarian and vegan

  • meat options: Pizza Salami (pepperoni sausage) and Prosciutto (ham) (with cheese)
  • vegetarian options: Pizza Margherita (only tomato and cheese), Funghi (mushrooms), Peperoni (hot peppers), Paprika (sweet peppers)
  • vegan options: Pizza Margherita, Funghi and Peperoni without cheese