…is the conference about JavaScript. Handcrafted with <3 for the JS community — from the JS community!

What did you like about JS Kongress?

“Inspirational talks with high quality speakers, single track so I don‘t have to decide what to hear. Intresting topics, not like the average programming conference with 50% of talks being „introduction to x“.

“The venue, the deverse range of topics, the whole organisation. Everything worked like a charm: tech, food, the speakers, etc.

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Impressions from previous years

JS Kongress 2019 – (r)evolution of Architectures

JS Kongress 2017 – the Future of JavaScript

JS Kongress 2016 – Web, Hardware, Games


Importance of JavaScript: The programming language JavaScript is more important than ever. Once a language for browsers only, you’ll find it today on servers and hardware, in native apps and games. JS Kongress Munich is to cater to all of those sides of JavaScript.
Located in an ICT hub: Munich is one of the most important ICT cities in Europe.
Experienced team: JS Kongress Munich is organized by a team that has successfully hosted several large events and is deeply rooted in the JavaScript community.
Social conference format: A special focus of JS Kongress Munich is on socializing and exchange of knowledge. The single track and the idea of blending talks and conversations are part of that focus.
Unique venue: The conference will take place in the “Alte Kongresshalle”, a landmark of Munich culture. This unique and spacious location, together with its inspiring surroundings, will contribute to a pleasant atmosphere during the conference.