A journey to a new world

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Tobias Timm

Large monoliths, legacy code, and technical debts due to historical reasons.

Sounds familiar, right?

Within the kingdom of ProSiebenSat.1 is living a big monolith Hydra called CMS. This monster is responsible for all the people of the television brands to publish their content, controlling which passengers may pass and reign the kingdom with fear.

To slay this false king, you would need to knock off head after head and replace them with new shiny unicorn ones; otherwise, the people of the kingdom would lose faith.

A group of explorers with a development background decided to go on a journey and stand up to the challenge.

Looking for equipment, the developers occurred new, exciting tools, which should help them to find these requested unicorn heads.

With React as their sword, react-native as their shield and GraphQL in the backpack, they set sail, to go on a journey, that would change their whole life.

Myths, monsters, and treasures are only a few things that our brave adventurers occurred during their expedition.

After one and a half years, some of the surviving developers returned with their ship.

Telling stories how they achieved replacing the heads with the magic power of GraphQL and creating two new unified representatives for the whole kingdom with react and react-native.

Expand your wisdom about taming such a hydra, what problems you will occur and for what you need to prepare beforehand.

With magic tools, they were able to change and freshen the faith of the people and defeat that false king once and for all.

So take a seat, grab some popcorn, and listen to their tale.

What are the key takeaways from this talk?

You can’t kill monoliths in one goal, but don’t be afraid of that monsters. Taming that monsters with Magic like React, React-Native and GraphQL brings you the victory with ease.

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