Building the biggest open-source eCommerce PWA framework with Vue.js

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Filip Rakowski

With more than 1,5 developers in our community, hackathons each month in different parts of the world, 60 partnering agencies and more than 5.5 thousand GitHub stars Vue Storefront is the most prominent open-source eCommerce PWA in the world. It powers small and very large shops (B2B and B2C) all around the world. All of them with different requirements and priorities. During this talk, I want to share with you how we managed to build a scalable and multi-purpose, modular framework with… a frontend framework. You’ll hear how we managed to build our own extensions ecosystem, theming mechanism, unique server-side performance features and truly modular plug’n’play architecture. I will tell you how you can better organise your code by using Vue ecosystem and composition capabilities, including it’s latest Composition API. Thanks to layered architecture, many parts of our system can be easily used without Vue itself. Let me show you how great Vue can be as a tool to build friendly and easy to learn APIs used by hundreds of developers all around the world and how to build a multi-purpose open-source framework with it.

What are the key takeaways from this talk?

How to build a large scale frontend project that handles multiple use cases that can be successfully maintained by the open-source community and used by big enterprise clients.

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