Descaling Single Page Applications

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David Leitner

Over the years we brought the field of front-end development to an elusive new level, and Single-Page-Applications became the de facto standard for crafting modern, reactive and customer-friendly applications. Unfortunately, the popular misconception of only being able to provide SPAs with client-side rendering, results in none-performant, sprawling and hard to maintain applications.

To build scalable applications, we need to understand that we have different levels where the integration and the process of rendering can take place. Therefore we will take a deep dive into a diverse range of tools like GastbyJS, Angular Universe, Svelte and many others. The possibilities we gain from these different approaches become reasonable by understanding their advantages and downsides.

After going into detail about these controversial ideas, we will understand how they can solve the issue of scaling huge Single Page Applications by descaling them with simple but yet very effective patterns. This talk will leave you with a totally different understanding of where Single Page Applications can happen.

What are the key takeaways from this talk?

Single Page Applications can happen in total different flavours and characteristic. Choose the right tool for the job!

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