Performance beyond 60 fps

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Ritesh Kumar

This talk focuses on performance issues that can’t be solved by traditional methods. This also includes some specific problems faced by a music application. is a web application which relies heavily on timing, performance, and modern web APIs. There should be a sync between the music and the UI, but certain limitations of the web make it hard to achieve this. Music has to be precise at the sub-millisecond level, and the UI visualizer has to match that speed while it also has to go through layout, composition, and repaint.

Not only that, the maximum precision of the JavaScript clock is 1ms, but the analogue audio is sampled 44.1 times in that period. I will talk about how I solved all these problems to create a web application that just works.

Few of the concepts involved will include
– Workers
– Web Audio API
– High Precision Time APIs
– Offscreen Canvas
– The concept of lookahead time for scheduling music events
using setInterval and Web Audio together

What are the key takeaways from this talk?

Using modern APIs to fix JavaScript issues

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