JSK meets DevTools-Team

Welcome to the 2nd Episode of JSKongress meets Friends! 👬👫👭 [editor’s note: This is the transcript of our live stream. Additional info have been added.] Live-Chat: Ah, a JS Kongress meetup you can watch in your pyjamas, if you have pyjamas! 🛋️ #StayAtHome 🏠 This time we’re talking about the Chrome DevTools and beyond, where […]

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JS Kongress meets Chrome DevTools and beyond

DevTools and beyond — JSK meets friends #2

JSKongress meets Paul Lewis, Kim Anh Tran, Mathias Bynens, Peter Müller on Tuesday, 28th April, 5:30 pm (CEST) Here is the second episode of #jskongress meets friends: We are excited to announce the guests for our next episode. Join us live on Tuesday, April 28th, starting 5:30 pm (CEST) on our channel youtube.com/jskongress We are so […]

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Live: JS Kongress meets Keerthana Krishnan & Robin Böhm

JSKongress meets Geeky Purple Unicorn and Robin Böhm live on Tuesday, April 14th, 5:30 pm All our lives are affected by #covid19 as #JSKongress is as well. We are separated physically by #StayAtHome 🏠, but socially we are united. 👬👫👭 JSKongress meets friends is a new online format with friends of JS Kongress! Everyone is welcome […]

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Why you should try public speaking

JS Kongress — (r)evolution of JavaScript. March 11–12 2019 in Munich, Germany Presenting is a skill that is often required in one’s professional life, especially in the ICT (information and communications technology) sector. Every time you explain something to a group of people, you are, in fact, speaking publicly. It helps to increase your visibility. People come to […]

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