JS Kongress Munich is organized by a team that has successfully hosted several significant events and is deeply rooted in the developer community.

We and our events stand for:

  • Diversity – not just in Tech
  • A balance between professional work, fun, and community
  • Bias for Action
  • Thinking one step ahead
  • A connection to open source and community driven projects
  • Party hard with the community

Béla Varga

JavaScript Developer @Financialdotcom JavaScript Event Handler @JSKongress Founder of @MunichJS Trainer @Ecmanauten Lecturer @FHSalzburg Author @JavaScriptBuch.

Johannes Weber

Johannes is an adviser and developer in the field of web technologies spotlighted on JS.
In his free time, he loves to bring people together. He (co)-organizes
the AngularJS and ReactJS Munich Meetup Groups.

Kerstin Hartmann

Event Pro w/ heart in the field of software development since 2012. Core Team of the Hackerbrücke Developer Meet & Make.
Remembers the sound of the dial-up Internet: Beep, deedleedleed beep-beep-beeeeeeep … And still listens to audio dramas with a pencil in mind.

Marco Engelhard

Founder of a web community for action toys collectors, founder of a community for artists
long time before MySpace. Co-founder of Hackerbrücke Meet & Make Days,
UX Consultant CEO of IT:Agenten and Geek Space 9. Designer since 1996.

Marco Stipek

Founder of Hackerbrücke, a melting pot for hackers, artists, politicians and communities in Munich,
Full Stack CEO of IT:Agenten and Geek Space 9. Developing for Networks since 1987 and started using the Internet via Mail-Gateway in 1991.