JS Kongress Munich is organized by a team that has successfully hosted several significant events and is deeply rooted in the developer community.

We and our events stand for:

  • Diversity – not just in Tech
  • A balance between professional work, fun, and community
  • Bias for Action
  • Thinking one step ahead
  • A connection to open source and community driven projects
  • Party hard with the community

Béla Varga

JavaScript Developer @Financialdotcom JavaScript Event Handler @JSKongress Founder of @MunichJS Trainer @Ecmanauten Lecturer @FHSalzburg Author @JavaScriptBuch.

Kerstin Hartmann

Event Pro w/ heart since 2012. Core Team of the Hackerbrücke Developer Meet & Make.
Remembers the sound of the dial-up Internet: Beep, deedleedleed beep-beep-beeeeeeep … And still listens to audio dramas with a pencil in mind.

Johannes Weber

Johannes is an adviser and developer in the field of web technologies spotlighted on JS.
In his free time, he loves to bring people together. He (co)-organizes
the AngularJS and ReactJS Munich Meetup Groups.

Marco Stipek

Founder of Hackerbrücke, a melting pot for hackers, artists, politicians and communities in Munich,
Full Stack CEO of IT:Agenten and Geek Space 9. Developing for Networks since 1987 and started
using the Internet via Mail-Gateway in 1991.

Marco Engelhard

Founder of a web community for action toys collectors, founder of a community for artists
long time before MySpace. Co-founder of Hackerbrücke Meet & Make Days,
UX Consultant CEO of IT:Agenten and Geek Space 9. Designer since 1996.