Terms & Conditions

Cancellation Policy

Your registration is immediately binding and non-refundable.

Travel & Accommodation

You are responsible for your own travel and accommodation arrangements.

Transfer your Ticket

If you have purchased a ticket but cannot attend the conference, you are free to give your ticket to another person. Therefore all you have to do is to change the name on the ticket: Click on the link to your personal ticket at ti.to (the service that handles ticketing for JS Kongress) and click the button “Re-Assign” at the top right. There you can enter a new ticket owner.

Event Cancellation and Speaker Changes

The event organizer reserves the right to cancel the event due to low registrations or due to unforeseen circumstances, such as major weather conditions, war, terrorism, country borders closing and other natural disasters. In such an event, ticket holders will be refunded their ticket price. Beyond that, other claims against the event organizer are not possible.

Furthermore, should a speaker cancel for whatever reason, the event organizer reserves the right to find a replacement speaker.

Photo, Video and Audio Recording

For promotional purposes, there may be a professional photographer and video production taking place during the conference.

For that reason, by purchasing a ticket or attending you give the conference organizer permission to record (photographs, videos, audio material) at the event and permission to use such material for event marketing.

You are welcome to take your own photos, audio, and video through the event. Please feel free to share them with us and other attendees via Email, Twitter or Flickr, etc. and use the hashtag #jskongress.

Full-length audio and video recordings of talks are not allowed unless explicitly granted permission by the event organizer.


The ‘Alte Kongresshalle’ is fully accessible to wheelchair users: It’s possible to reach all areas without any barriers. Please let us know if there are any requirements we should know of. We would be happy to meet all your needs and organize for assistance. The sooner we know, the better we are able to suffice. More on accessibility

Code of Conduct

By purchasing a ticket as well as by attending, every attendee, sponsor, and speaker agrees to comply in full with our conference code of conduct. Read the Code of Conduct